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Siri0us has been removed from my repository. Please check iOS Siri Server.

Now you can get Siri dictation on your iOS 5 deveices.

You do not need any files/keys from the iPhone 4S.

It uses nuance speech recognition service, which powered Siri on iPhone 4S. Hope nuance will sell this service to me, so that we can have Siri dictation on all iOS 5 device legally.

If your device keeps respring, DONOT restore! Use iFunBox/iPhone Explorer/SSH to remove /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AssistantServices.framework from your device.

NOTE: You maybe have to remove any previous useless Siri port. ;-)

Youtube video: 

Cydia repository:

Currently supported languages:

  • 中文/国語(中国)
  • 中文/國語(台灣)
  • English (United States)
  • Deutsch (Europa)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • Français (Europe)
  • Italiano (Europa)
  • 日本語
  • 한국어

More languages to come in future releases:

  • 中文/廣東話
  • 中文/國語(台灣)
  • Deutsch (Europa)
  • English (Australia)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • English (United States)
  • Español (Europa)
  • Español (Américas)
  • Français (Canada)
  • Français (Europe)
  • Italiano (Europa)
  • 日本語
  • 한국어
  • 中文/国語(中国)
  • Dansk
  • Suomi
  • Magyar
  • Nederlands (Europa)
  • Norsk
  • Polski
  • Português (Brasil)
  • Português (Europa)
  • Русский
  • Svenska


  1. Geekissimo says:

    But it works for Sirin1ght? I tried to install Siri0us but it has uninstalled Sirin1ght o.O

  2. mlmesq says:

    Works brilliantly! Might be worth adding that people should remove sirin1ght etc first…

  3. Not working
    On iphone 4 5.01 FW
    Installed your app, resprung
    Then tried to launch something like Notepad
    Opens then closes
    Same problem
    Unistalled your app all is fine
    Can you fix?


  4. L1nd3nlr says:

    it wont work on my 3gs ios 5.0.1 :-(

  5. Pietro says:

    Hello, i don’t understand, i restore my ip4, have install siri0us,! now i install sirin1ght? thank’s

  6. Fr-iPhone says:

    Test on 3GS IOS 5.0. I just can not make it work.
    Any idea ?

  7. Greg says:

    You said “more languages to come”. Do we know when? I would like to help, do I need to have a special knowledge?I know Polish language very well, so possibly I could help with that one. Let me know please.

  8. MannyD says:

    Hey Eric great tweak. I just noticed the Mic icon and the done icon doesn’t work correctly when a custom system font package is installed. I took a few screen shots that i will post up for u to see. Thanks

  9. michael says:

    i have an iphone 3gs my iphone i conastant repsringing and wont boot how can i ssh the files and remove anything if it wont boot?

  10. john says:

    so first bug, i tried uninstalling seri0us and all of the sudden my phone would not type anything.

  11. Ankit says:

    Testing on : 3GS ios5 ,old boot rom.
    Downloaded Seri0us from if0rce.
    On the keyboard no microphone key is available.
    Does anyone have any tips or issues working on this idevice?

  12. iTonus says:

    When will you release a version with Russian language support?:)
    Will you remove the ads? Thanks in advance:)

  13. Wolfgang says:

    I have installed your Software on my jailbreaked 3gs with IOS 5.0.1 with no errors but no functionality. It doesn’t appear a microphone symbol on the keyboard.Can you help me ?

  14. Mohan says:

    Could not find repo in Cydia and unable to install on 3Gs

  15. revo says:

    I’ve installed it to my 3gs but i do not see Siri, instead of siri i can only see ‘voice controle’

  16. Dom says:

    does not work on 3Gs

  17. nizz says:

    great job! good to know you’re going to add polish (polski) language in the future ;) currently I have some problems with cydia (connection keeps timing out) but as soon as it works I’m totally gonna install this.

  18. David says:

    i wonder if you can make a Hebrew version that actually will support Hebrew dictation
    (i can help with the Hebrew side if you want)

  19. buchmar says:

    what about arabic?

  20. Saturable says:

    I tried installing serious in iPhone 3GS with iOS 5.0 but it didnt work. I did not seeing any dictation button in my keyboard

  21. Bughykiss says:

    Hello ! I got a simple question, when Romanian will be added ? Tnx a lot !

  22. Jakuzi says:

    It’s cool!
    But it’s does not work on 3gs and iPod touch 3g
    not only on my device, on ALL 3g devices from my forum

  23. someone says:

    Hi, im from israel.
    if you can do siri0us work with hebrew it will be the best.
    if you need some help with translating i can help.

  24. Zebra92 says:

    Hello all,

    I have installed the tweak and the microphone symbol doesn’t show up!
    I have an iphone 3GS with IOS 5.0 GM and that does not work for me!
    What can I do to get it working on my iphone?

    Thanks in advance.

  25. Scois0n says:

    So this is ilegal? :(

  26. DropDead! says:

    nice work! :) but it doesn’t work on iphone 3gs ios 5.0.1. I can’t see the icon on my keyboard.
    i restored several times, but the icon is not showing up. i hope you can fix this soon for us !


  27. says:

    why so seri0us siri?

  28. Domi says:

    Whenever my keyboard tries to appear it force closes the specific application I am in (eg. notepad, safari, etc)…

  29. Matt says:

    Hi, I’m not sure where or if there is a contact you email or anything of the like. I just wanted to post about an issue with siri0us. After installing siri0us and using the dictation feature, it starts to get very buggy with ipod playing.

    It will stop the ipod everytime you open an app which has used the dictation feature and hasn’t been killed since. For example, I can open my texts and it works fine, if I then click to dictate a message, the music will stop playing, and will not return after the dictation is complete. From that point on, my ipod will stop playing anytime the messaging app is opened. It will continue acting this way until I force close the messaging app so it is no longer running in the background, and then the process can repeat. Once force closed it will continue to act normally upon reopening it, letting music play in the background, until you dictate again.

    Hopefully that was clear enough and makes sense. And hopefully you guys can fix this issue in the near future. I loved the idea of having the dictation as that was the main feature of siri that I was missing. But the interferance with the ipod is a bit disapointing since I use my phone in the car to play music, and the whole point of the dictation for me was to be able to speak while I’m driving.

  30. Hello,
    My name is Bram Schulting and I seri0usly love siri0us. I’m dutch (Nederlands) and I’d love to help with de dutch version of siri0us.

  31. BSalita says:

    Works a treat. I’d like to be able to specify an IP name to connect to my servers instead of Nuance. Just in case, you know, the pull the plug.199

  32. Moritz says:

    Have used it in imessages an only the point. i send it an now it not work! :D hope it help. respring doesn’t help! restart helped! ;)

  33. Nick N says:

    I have a iPod touch 4G and it has 5.0.1 Jailbroken (tethered) with Redsn0w and I’m not experiencing any “respringing loops” problems at all! Works great! How can you use Siri0us instead of Voice Control, like when you hold down the home button?

  34. TWolf says:

    Thanks, but not working on 3gs, no dictation icon. :(

  35. bob says:

    Dosnt work on 3gs. ios 5.0!

  36. bduncana says:

    not working for me.. i’m on 3gs ios 5.0.1 new bootroom…. able to download and install but no mic icon on keyboard… what did i do wrong?

  37. ffm says:

    Hello when i click on the symbol to start translating the the input logo is there but closes instant so i cant say anything what can i do ?

  38. stevenrbjc says:

    Please fix for iPhone 3GS!

  39. kato says:

    how do you get chinese language to worK? seems like only English is being supported right now. anyone?

  40. arand4 says:

    When I try to install this i get this error and no other code:

    HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
    HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

    Please help me, I really want this tweak

  41. BigDave says:

    I am having the exact same problem. Help, anyone?

  42. help says:

    Dear Mr siri0us. I have been using your amazing tweak for days now but all of a sudden it has stopped working. Now, after pressing the mic button, it records nothing and cancels immediately. Please help resolve or let me know whether it’s a server-side or phone-side issue. Genuinely love your tweak and it’s been the best thing i’ve ever installed. I was so devastated i tried restoring and re-jbreaking but to no avail :(

  43. Wayne says:

    When I try to install this i get this error and no other code:

    HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
    HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

    Please help me, I really want this tweak

  44. Brandon says:

    The server for siri0us has recently been pulled. That’s why the 404 errors have been popping up recently.

  45. SlaYer says:

    Hey folks,

    It seems you 1st need “core utilities” and “erica utilities” from cydia. Then you can still get the siri0us .deb file and install it manually via ssh or directly with iFile (cydia app) from here:

    I got it all succesfully installed on my iphone 4 with unthethered ios 5.0.1, but while I get the mic icon and siri0us starts, it beeps and immediately closes back to the keyboard! Can’t get it to stay up long enough to say anything!

    Anyone have a solution?

  46. Bilal Çebi says:

    Is there a version for the Turkish language?