AirBlue Sharing

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Bluetooth OBEX File transfer and AirDrop for iOS. Sharing made easy!

If you have any issue, check the FAQ

Send from iOS to Android

Send from Android to iOS


Send photos directly from Photos app

An incoming transfer

Now you can send the photos taken by your Phone 4[S] to your friends’ Nokia, Blackberry, Android and etc. The Bluetooth sending speed is up to 170KB/s. You can send a good photo in a few seconds.

Certainly, you can exchange files with your Windows, Linux, Mac as well.

Besides Bluetooth, it supports WiFi transfer between iOS devices, just like the AirDrop for your iOS.

- If your two iOS devices is in the same LAN, AirBlue Sharing will try to use WiFi connection to transfer files, speed up to several MB/s. You can send a video file in seconds.

- If you are on road, WITHOUT any WiFi connection,  AirBlue Sharing will automatically setup P2P WiFi connection between your iOS devices, make sending files that simple!


  • Transfer files between Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, MTK, Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS devices.
  • Bluetooth transfer speed up to 170KB/s
  • WiFi P2P support for iOS transfer
  • WiFi P2P works even without a WiFi hotspot
  • Send/receive multiple files to/from multiple devices, you do not have to wait it to complete
  • Integrated with system apps like Photos, Contacts, iPods, Videos, Notes, iBooks and etc.
  • Send files from the _free_ iFile
  • Send files from apps supports “Open in …”
  • Import received files into system applications such as Photos, Musics, Videos …











  1. tanush says:

    How to install this? Or have you not released it yet.. On ios5?

  2. Cosmin says:

    please help! i istalled it but it’s not working, it does not show up the bluetooth option in photos or anywhere else, what else do i need to install. p.s.: i just jailbroke my phone, i have iphone 4 ios 5.0.1 jailbroken and corona for untether. thanks

  3. Chir0student says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am very interested in buying this application, however I can’t find a link to purchase it through the cydia store. I assume that receiving an error 400 has something to do with this application not having a valid license. If you could please follow up with me on this I would very much appreciate it.

    Thank you!


  4. gmail says:

    please… make it working not for only chinese…

  5. Marque says:

    Would it be possible to make this available to people in the UK. I am very keen on buying this.

  6. amit1976 says:

    Sir, I have purchased it . But My iphone 4 does not discover any bluetooth device and nor it is discoverable by other devices.
    Kindly guide how to discover other devices from it ?

  7. Grigoris says:

    I installed it and it let me send files to my TV lol but it wont work with my macbook pro and says about some obex being off? but file sharing is on … so that was a disappointment because I need from my macbook pro to ios device, I might ask for a refund

  8. fregatte says:

    have a look in the FAQ and you will be fine (need to adjust the sharing settings).

    My issue is, that

    - Music sharing / send from IPad iOS 5.01 does not work (from iPhone it does work)

    - transfer via WiFi if iOS devices are in the same network does not work; only Bluetooth sharing

    But anyhow, great app!

  9. si mon says:

    Hey just wanted to know if it works with iPhone 4s ?

  10. Eins says:

    I already purchased airblue sharing and bluetooth transfer works ok for photos and videos…but when sending mp3s it only send file < 10 kb

    By the way how to transfer file using WiFi? all I see is just transferring files via bluetooth

  11. Fede says:

    How can i get songs transfered from another phone to my ipad 2 running ios 5.0.1 to play on the music player native app?????

  12. Remeinic says:

    Doest want to pair with nokia, crash and need to restart on ipad.
    On iphone doest come out the popup to find devices to bluetooth. Very dissapointed. Please repair it. Thanks

  13. fudish says:

    Hi! I have a problem with this tweak: when i press double tap on status bar, it not activated! On other iphone it work…. i have 2 iphones 3gs, ios 5.0.1, first with corona, other wothout… jaibroken with redsn0w. the iphone with corona doesn’t work! what can i do? thanks

  14. Jason says:

    How do your send/receive mp3 files?

  15. Kevin says:

    I just purchased your app but i can not send anything to my pc windows 7. I thought this was an easier app that didn’t require much of a configuration. please advise I keep getting an error.

  16. Eins says:


    I’ve tested AirBlue Sharing on iPhone and iPad…works fine…please read my article here :

  17. hani says:


    I am on IOS 5.01 jailbreak

    I bought and downloaded the app airblue sharing, and it pairs with the iphone but the then when i want to connect it does not, I tried both windows and a mac computer, both computers have visible bluetooth, I really gave up on what to do, I also tried secure simple paring it does not pair correctly. What am i missing here, I tried to reset network settings, also does not work.

  18. Zibiksior says:

    It works great on my iPhone 4S. I had no problem sending or receiving files betwen my Toshiba laptop and Samsung Galaxy S;) Great work guys!

  19. Yann G says:

    I bought this today and it works like a charm! Tried it on a Sony Ericsson today, big success! Only one little improvement you should add: After the installation you should have a little pop-up show up TELLING people how to activate it, because I didn’t think it was working first :-/ But thanks for the great app!

  20. ONE says:

    activation failed
    No payment state found in cydia store database

  21. Co-kli says:

    I have installed it. My question: is ist only possible in One Direktion ? iPad to Samsung for Exempel.
    I want to send pictures from my Samsung TO my iPad.

    Tanks for your Support

  22. medowance says:

    Even after the update, it still cannot sent from Iphone to nokia E72-1

    “Failed to connect to “OBEX Object Push” Service on remote device”

    Please really fix this issue.

  23. togone76 says:

    i’am on ios 5.0.1 with iphone4s jailbreak. i have purchase the program and the all ok but in my cydia tells me that I need to update Airblue and Airblue sharing but when I do it gives me error and the update is successful. I can do?

  24. Shadar says:


    just to say thanks, it’s working perfectly with my Polaroid POGO :D

    Have a nice day

  25. Andrea says:

    With a transfer queue available it is a bit of a letdown to not being able to multiselect files to send anywhere. Any plans to add this somewhere (best of all would be in iFile ofc).

  26. Roberto says:

    Eric, Im trying to purchase in cydia but everytime it says “The transactions cannot be completed, please instruct customer to use another payment method”. I used my paypal account to buy other tweaks in the past. What could be wrong.

  27. mahdi says:

    how many device can i downloded for it after berchasing please

  28. amin says:

    hello can some one help me i buy this air blue
    and its not working i don;t know why i cant send or resav
    and i think its not activate
    how can i activate it plz help me

  29. Pasha says:

    I instal Airblue 0.9.37 on 2 iPhone 4s but after installation and after respring they go to safe mode, what can i do?????

  30. Ahmed says:

    Installed but always crash my springboard…and enter in safe mode…what can i do ?

  31. Davide says:

    Hello, I’ve just bougth AirBlue sharing v. 0.9.37 and tried to install it on my iPhone 3GS (IOS 5.0.1) and iPad2 (IOS 5.0.1) but on both two I’ve gott the same problem. Suddenly after install, Springboard goes in Safe Mode and there’s no way to exit except uninstall ABS.
    How can I solve this problem?

  32. Ahmed says:

    blued-obex-springboard causiong problems in crash report…

  33. cakoi says:

    hey eric, u got to help me. i just bought airblue sharing, but it straight drag me to safe mode after respring. tried restore as a new phone, still the same. i can go into springboard only if i disable ‘blued-obex-springboard’ and ‘blued-springboard’ using mobile subtrate from sbsettings. pls help me, i pay for it :( thx….

  34. Hamed says:

    i download it but after the respirings phone go to the safemode and when i remove it the problem solved my ver is 0.9.37
    what i need to do ?

  35. Bacosofa says:

    does not work, does not recognize devices and pc always says device not supported. Please asegirese that OBEX Objet Pusch or Bluet …. and everything is enabled ok on pc.
    Thank you.

  36. RuthlessKinG says:

    I have buyed the latest version of AirBlue sharing and installed the latest version of AirBlue stack 1.3.8 But still my iphone4 respring each time i pair my iphone with another device. After pair its works smoothly. bugs needs to be fixed.

    iPhone 4

  37. @7oOoDa says:


  38. Houssam says:

    can u explain how to work step by step

  39. Nick says:

    Why after last update, Ipad 2 icons on my desktop became small, I try installed on clean Ios have same problem. THANX

  40. majdi says:

    I had this problem . removing and new install solved it .

  41. majdi says:

    majdi :@amit1967 I had this problem . removing and new install solved it .

  42. amir says:

    hi! your new version has a very bad bug!!!!!!!!!!!
    when i install it on ipad 2 , and then restart my ipad
    the resoulation is gone down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    fix it please!

  43. Nick says:

    0.9.50 guys may u a joking, what issue u a repaired, Ive tried to install, and problem stayed on my iPad 2 again. I uninstalled u joke and thanx God problem decided. Please important jail on iPad 2 will be problem when apple close window. I ve installed absente 0.4, spingtomize, iconoclasm, nothing else. Please decide u problem, THANX

  44. sum says:

    Can You Add in SBSettings toggle
    Name “Air-blueTooth”
    And i have also bought
    Can You Change name in SBSettings toggle
    Name “Air-Wifi Router”

    Thanks very very much

  45. Nico says:

    Hi! With the last version, when booting my ipad, it show very small icons on the springboard and some icons are out of the folders, need to rearrange. Icons are ok after a respring or uninstall.. Any clue?

  46. cilencio says:

    dear admin!

    I found out that the trouble is!!!
    When I disabled “import to application”,
    mp3 stay in AirReceived folder, but they don’t
    have any rights in their properties (see by Ifile)!!!
    So the don’t playing in mp3-player, until
    you switch their rights in the properties by yourself in Ifile!!!


  47. Ask says:

    Good afternoon. After upgrading AirBlue Sharing 0.9.50 to the Ipad 4.3.3 on , Ipad loaded if Iphone. If you disable the daemon Air, the loading ustroyskva normal. Please ispravte the problem. Thank you.

  48. Richard says:

    i like the program but i`ll use it to connect to mine bluetooth radio pioneer avic x1bt
    but i have one problem i`ll first have to double tap on status bar so its discoverble
    then it would conect i have do every time i`ll leave the car
    could you make an option so we can choise evertime discoverble
    sorry for mine english

  49. Juan Zamo says:

    HI!. The last version, go to error in iPad2. Is conflict with OS iOs, and the icons are little and separate. The screen has been expanded and the mutitoch disappears. Please, review the last version. I pay 4,99$ and isn’t ok! Thanks!

    PD:The Previous version YES is OK!

  50. David says:

    When we will have the new version (update) for ios 5.1 ???