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iBluever is an iOS application which enables Bluetooth Dial-up networking support (client mode) for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. iBluever has its owner Bluetooth and network stacks, you can connect your iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone to a Bluetooth Dial-up networking enabled phone, and then access the mobile network via the phone’s connection.

NOTE: If you are going to share your iPhone’s connection to other iOS devices such as iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone, please try iTether instead.

NOTE: There is a demo version of iBluever, please be sure to try to demo to make sure that your phone is compatible with iBluever prior to buying.

  1. It uses the low power Bluetooth wireless technology. The blued daemon used in iBluever supports automatically switch to low power mode when the connection is not so busy
  2. You can connect/disconnect iBluever connection from within the application.
  3. You can connect/disconnect iBluever connection from SBSettings toggle with one tap.
  4. You can connect/disconnect iBluever connection from Activator with a even simper gesture.
  5. Automatically start iBluever connection when screen is unlock and WiFi is not associated, will disconnect when WiFi is available or screen looks.
  6. It support iPod touch 2G/3G/4G, all iPhones and iPads.
  7. Generic Bluetooth DUN(Dial up networking) support, if your phone(Nokia phones, Android phones with PDANet, Blackberry phones and etc) supports this profile, you can use iBluever to use your phone’s mobile connection.
  8. Modem scripts support for a wide range of phones.
  9. Bluetooth serial port is supported as well, you can share your Mac/PC’s connection to your iDevices
  10. Custom DNS support
  11. Data usage statistic
  12. Proxy support
  13. Free life time upgrades

Loading apple.com with iBluever connection

Ondemand support
Auto start when screen unlock while WiFi is unavailable
Auto stop when WiFi detected
Connection inspector

Settings 1
Settings 2
Select device vendor

Select connection type

DNS configuration

Proxy configuration

Beside Dial-up Networking service, able to connect serial port services

If you need support on this app, Please mail the developer from within the iBluever app. Comments here may not be replied.



  1. Sue says:

    Blacklisted changed devices please allow me to use ibluever again

  2. mmt says:

    I want to install previously purchased ibluever for ipod onto newly purchased iphone. Cydia says it nolonger keeps track of previously purchased devices; contact the developer.

    How do I install it on my new device?

  3. Sam says:

    I have problem connecting iPod touch to HTC Inspire4g.

    I installed PDA Net on android.

    I removed pairing of Ipod and Phone.

    I run ibluever and it detects phone.

    Settings – wap.cingular
    username :blank
    pass : blank
    number *99#

    Generic Device

    I can pair the ipod to phone.
    Ibluever starts connecting then gives error when “PPP connecting” then it disconnects.

  4. Tony Z says:

    I officially purchased ibluever seven moths ago, but after I upgrade my ipod to ios 5, then downgrade to ios 4.33, after a few time I got an error msg when activating that says Activation failed. “Error: payment 3535157 is in the black list as too many devices activated. I try repurchased again but I can not , I do not care to pay $5 again.

  5. Jason says:

    I am getting an “activation failed” error

    “Connection error: A server with the specified hostname could not be found.

    please help, thanks

  6. Rob says:

    Hi Eric.. Ive been researching for almost a day now and I still cant find an answer to my situation. I’m sure you will have the answer.

    BB Curve 8530 on Virgin Mobile USA. Installed PDAnet
    Itouch 3gen 4.3. jailbroken. Installed iBluever demo.

    BB is running PDAnet. Itouch is seeing the BB and is connecting (i meant, asking for passkeys on BB). However, none of the scripts works. I keep getting “Failed to execute chat scripts” on most of them. Have any ideas?? Thanks in advance!

  7. David says:

    I purchased & have been using iBluever for a while – love it! However, I just upgraded my iPod to 5.01 & re-jailbroke it. I reinstalled iBluever but got the “Activation Failed – payment 3545921 is on blacklist….” Can you remove my devices from the blacklist? Thanks.

  8. Pablo B says:

    I have a problem, I downloaded the demo version and it works perfectly, but when it searches for devices, it doesn’t recognize mine, it doesn’t even appear on the list! :O what do I do!! I really want to do this! someone knows whats causing this!?!?!

  9. Pablo B says:

    @Pablo B
    forget it! I figured out how!!! :D ..i hope i dont get any more problems!

  10. Tld says:

    I’ve been able to pair my iPad and Verizon Blackberry bold 9930 in the US with iblueve,r but when I try to connect I get an error message of “an error occurred with the modem, try reconnecting. If the problem continues verify your settings. “. Any ideas.

  11. Sam says:


    Why is that dev not replying to these questions? Should we not expect any support?

  12. Raage says:

    I want to buy ibluerver but can’t find anywhere to buy it from

  13. andy says:

    i cannot connect my ipad to bb torch ??
    unable to connect please help

  14. Yalga says:

    is iBluever compatible with ios 5.0.1 (ipod touch 4g)

  15. walid says:

    i bought the iBluever on Demand for ipad 2 like 7 month ago now i bought another ipad and when i try to purchase again ibluever said to me Activation Failed – payment 3545921 is on blacklist….”

    what i have to do to remove this???

  16. Danny Lim says:


    I have recently bought ibluever and is a very happy user.

    However, I am facing some issues, namely when I connect to the internet via my blackberry, my blackberry’s Blackberry Messenger and Watsapp will not be functioning.

    Is this normal and correct? Do let me know.

    Once again, thanks for a great product like this!

  17. Mike says:

    When I open app, it says blued-DUN daemon not found, to reinstall app, n when I reinstalled, I get same message

  18. rich says:

    Activation FAILED
    Payment (########) is in the blacklist as too many devices activated.
    - I’ve only activated on 2 device, iphone, ipad,
    now i’m activating on my IPOD touch, but i can’t because it said i was on the blacklist as too “many devices” were activated.
    ERIC, i cannot find any contact information on your website.

  19. Ricardo Florez says:

    Hi! I just bought the app but i cant get my Ipad2 to work, always have this same error and seems that the settings are right! I already tried many ways but none can work, please some help Thanks
    Network Connection
    An error occurred with the modem.
    try reconnecting. if the problem
    continues, verify your settings

    I have a BB 9900 with T-mobile
    Ipad2 version 5.0.1


  20. AAS says:

    I cannot find this program in the iPad app store. I tried Ibluever and Cydia and nothing comes up at all. I cannot find anywhere to download it here either. Has this app been removed from the app store by Apple recently?

  21. joe says:

    I’m curious what “compression” does in the phone settings in the new version. Anyone know? I couldn’t find an explanation for it anywhere.

  22. morteza says:

    i’m from iran, and we boycotted by europa and U.S.. we can’t buy app in cydia because we can’t have a intern national card example mastercard or pypal,because we bycotted.. PLEASE PLEEEAAASE PLEEEEEAAAASSS, i need “ibluever” for my ipod, we haven’t 3g in uor country.. pleeaasee mail it for me pleeasse my mail is

  23. Paola says:

    i have an blackberry torch, and i can pear my phone with my ipod but is not working with the numbers of dial and stuff like that that i have found..

  24. Jon says:

    I found the problem, I forgot to turn off the native Dial-up Networking service on the phone.

  25. samexe says:


    I am just curious if ibluever along with jailbreak will allow me to connect to any bluetooth phone with my ipod without their passcode or them accepting the pairing link?


  26. Boris says:

    Hello, Eric, I’ve recently purchased your iBluever and found it great, but is it a chance to work with pc Bluetooth? I have a wifi connection on my laptop, but I can’t get it work on my ipod touch, can I connect my PC with iPod using iBluever? What should I use to do it?

  27. Alex says:

    I have a company owned Blackberry that I’d like to use for tethering. The IT policy does not allow the Blackberry to be put in discoveralbe mode (e.g. paring mode). I can pair it with iphone using the iphone native bluetooth. The iphone would be put in paring mode. And I’d do a search from Blackberry. Unfortunatley, iBluever does not have the ability to put Iphone into paring mode. So I end up having both product in non-paring mode. Is there any workaround to pair these two devices? Or do you have futrue plan to enable paring mode in iBluever? Thanks.

  28. sanjeev says:

    I have an IPAD 3, wifi. I want to connect it using BB GPRS. i am not able to find a demo version, to try. can someone help me with the product.

    help is appreciated.

  29. Pete says:

    Anyone know if this works with 4g? I want to purchase, but I will be upgrading my blackberry to a 4g model in a month.

  30. BAT says:

    NVM, i found it in Cydia. This version Rocks!! Now if we could get a version of iBluever to run as an App on my MacBook Pro I would be the happiest guy ever..

  31. cacaca says:


    You have to delete any connection between the blackberry and iphone, then rebuild the connection.

    Great product, even the connection is kind of slow.