AirBlue GPS F.A.Q

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  • When I quit AirBlue GPS, it disconnects, why?

AirBlue GPS support connect/disconnect ondemand, when you do not need location service, it disconnects from GPS, when location service is required, it connects to GPS.

  • Can I use native Bluetooth while using AirBlue GPS?

AirBlue GPS uses its Bluetooth stack, which can not run simultaneously with the native stack.

  • Can I use iBluever to get network and AirBlue GPS to get location at the same time?

Yes, you can use Google Maps with iBluever and AirBlue GPS.

  • Can I share my Nokia’s GPS?

Install ExtGPS on your phone.

  • Can I share my Android phone’s GPS?

Install ShareGPS on your phone.

  • Can I share my blackberry’s GPS?

Yes, install and run this app on your Blackberry:


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  1. Ryan says:

    Love your guys software.

    Using iPad 1 with BlackBerry 9700. I have been using iBluever for about 6 months no problem. Wanted to add GPS so I got AirBlue GPS. When I try to pair to my BB I get the following error.

    Service Error
    Could not find the suitable serial port service on remote device.

    I then try to run iBlue again and it works fine. Seems to be just an issue with AirBlue.

    Thanks for the great work. Keep it up.

  2. Scott says:

    I get the same issue as Ryan. I am using the Blackberry Bold Touch 99330. I was able to get GPS without Airblue with just iBluever and my BB 9650 Bold. 9930was tricky to get connected.

  3. juan says:

    I’ve bought the ibluever but as I’m unable to download airblue I bought btstack and I cant get them both working. I need to contact you.

  4. Ryan says:

    Hey Scott,

    Had to add Blue_GPS to my blackberry to get it to work per Eric’s direction to me. Now it works without a hitch. Hope this helps.

  5. Eduardo Godyla says:

    Hi, is there a way to share the iPhone´s GPS ??
    I wanted to use the iPhone GPS to feed my iPad 1………………….
    Someting like the blackberry app ???

  6. Vidhuz says:

    You say both data and gps would be accessible.

    I have an E90 with ExtGPS installed. I can also share my data via bluetooth modem.

    I have a iPod touch 4g with latest Airblue Sharing and iBluever installed (properly purchased)

    Now my question is – Can i use both GPS and Data from E90? Data not just for Google maps as you mentioned but any data (safari, mail etc) along with GPS? I have purchased roqyBT (which uses native BT so iBluever does not work with that) but I will purchase this one if its possible!