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This application is a client to iPhone’s built-in Internet Tethering feature(Or Personal hotspot). Which enables your iDevices(eg, iPad,iPhone,iPod touch) to use iPhone’s mobile network(EDGE,3G) when WiFi is unavailable.

  1. It uses the low power Bluetooth wireless technology. The blued daemon used in iTether supports automatically switch to low power mode when the connection is not so busy
  2. You can connect/disconnect iTether connection from within the application.
  3. You can connect/disconnect iTether connection from SBSettings toggle with one tap.
  4. You can connect/disconnect iTether connection from Activator with a even simper gesture.
  5. Automatically start iTether connection when screen is unlock and WiFi is not associated, will disconnect when WiFi is available or screen looks.
  6. Native Bluetooth support on iOS 4.3+, we are working on adding native Bluetooth support to iOS 4.x
  7. It support iPod touch 2G/3G/4G, all iPhones and iPads.
  8. Generic Bluetooth PAN(Personally area networking) support, if your phone(Nokia S40 phone, Android phone, and etc) supports this profile, you can use iTether to use your phone’s mobile connection.
  9. Free life time upgrades


iTether Connected, 3G icon shows


Automatically starting iTether connection when WiFi is unavailable

Automatically stop iTether connection when WiFi is associated



  1. Sylvain says:

    Itether still doesn’t work, can i get a refund?

  2. Matt Miller says:

    Good afternoon,
    I am not able to tether my iPad to my iPhone 4. My Internet tether option on my phone is not active. I have Verizon and its a work phone so I can’t jailbreak it. Can I get a refund?


  3. Eduardo Godyla says:

    Hi, installed iTheter on iPad1 5.01 and everytime the connection is dropped………
    Followed all the instructions on the FAQ….need help…..

  4. Joost says:

    Got a problem with the on demand function, tried everything, but it didn’t help. Followed the manual of itether. Have itether with on demand on my iPad. When I choose native bluetooth it comes with the following message when starting the app “Native bluetooth mode: You cannot use the iTether GUI when the transport is set tot “Native Bluetooth”, you can use SBsettings………..” When I set the switch to Airblue I can get the iPhone and iPad connected, and the on demand switch on. But when I switch on the wifi on the iPad the iPad stays in tether mode and does not shut down tether to switch to wifi. Also, when the iPad has no wifi any more, the tether mode does not connect automatically.
    How can I solve this?

  5. Jerome says:

    on-demand not stay tether forever even if my screen is off or wifi is on? it don’t disconnect or connect automatically.. how can I solve it?

    • Hemmy says:

      God! I am fu*k smart! Fixed ondemand not auto connect and disconnect problem on 5.0.1! And that actually is the setting not being saved due to the setting file permission. Use Ifile , go to /var/mobile/Library/preference/ and check all the file started with com.if0rce.*something* make sure all the permission with read and write, then go back to Itether app and set the ondemand again. There we go!!

  6. eric says:

    send me the logs

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