AirBlue Sharing F.A.Q

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- How can I receive fies?

Double tap on status bar (configurable in Settings).  AirBlue Sharing will listen for incoming file transfers in 120 seconds.

- I double tapped the status bar, nothing happen, why?

If you have not activated the app, please goto Photos try to send an image, it will activated itself automatically.

If it’s activated. goto Settings/AirBlue Sharing to check the activation method.

- How can I check the transfers?

Double tap on status bar (configurable in Settings). The tap on the HUD window, then you can see the current transfers. You can swipe to abort any transfer.


- Where are the received files?

In /var/mobile/AirReceived. You can check the files with iFile. If your iOS version is less below iOS 5, some files will be imported to the default applications:

  • vCard to Contacts
  • pdf to iBooks
  • Pictures to Photos
  • Songs and movies to iPod


- How can I send files from iFile?

tap “Edit”, select the files you want to send, tap “Email” icon on the toolbar, you will see the Bluetooth option

Tap on a file, you will see a “Bluetooth” button in the list.

- How can I send files from a applications supports “Open in … “?

In the application, select “Open in …”,   then you can see “Bluetooth” in the list

- How can I stop transfer?

Double tap on statusbar to show transfer window, swipe on one item to show the “Abort” button. Tap it if you want to abort the transfer.

- How can I send to Windows PC?

You will have to enable “Receive files” in the Bluetooth menu of Windows.

- AirBlue Sharing can not find my device, Why?

Please make sure the Bluetooth is on, AND the Bluetooth DISCOVER is enabled on your device.

- How can I send to Mac, AirBlue Sharing said “Can not find OBEX service”.

You will have to enable “Bluetooth Sharing” on your Mac.


- How can I send contacts?

Just tap “Share Contact”


- How to send Photos?

Tap the Share button


- How to send Notes?

Tap the Email button:

- How to send Voice Memos?

Tap “Share” button:

- How to send pdf in iBooks?

Tap the share button:


- How to send from Music?


- How to send Video?


- How can I send files to Blackberries?

On the BlackBerry
1. Manage Connections -> Bluetooth Options -> Press the menu key and select Options
2. Change the Discoverable setting to Yes
3. Media -> Press the menu key and select Receive Using Bluetooth
4. You should see a message on the phone that says Waiting for Connection.


- Failed to write key file, Cocoa Error 4, how to fix it?

Reinstall. If you still get this error after reinstallation. Try to make a directory at /var/mobile/Library/blued-obex/key with iFile.


to be continued …


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  1. tanush says:

    is this working for ios5?

    Can i try it before buying?

  2. ali says:

    hi ive got this problem and my ios is 5 when i wanna send a file this message come up and says:
    activation failed cydia store api return status:(400) and content:

  3. Thies says:

    when activating airblue sharing the following message is coming up: cydia store api return status:(400).

  4. farbod says:

    is it just for iphone 4 s? or it`s for all devices running ios 5?

  5. Fede says:

    Why aren’t the songs someone has transfer to me being added to my music library in my ipad 2/ipod touch 4G???? I have listen to it from ifile and not in the native player!!!! Anyone….

  6. i try send photo from iPhone 4, iPad 2 iOS 5.0.1 to Windows Laptop (Mac work fine) got error

    Device not supported.

    Remote device does not have “OBEX Object Push” service.
    Please make sure “OBEX Object Push” is enable on your device.

    how to fix it?

  7. Thai says:

    hi, i’m trying to transfer files from Ifile onto my mac, is this possible? as of right now it seems as if i could only transfer with other idevices…

  8. jgjc says:

    it does not play ” the recieved videos ” would youfix this issue please.

  9. xtoyou says:

    fix remove white icon

  10. carlos says:

    how do u turn it off ? i mean i go to settings and turn off and bluetooth icon still on

  11. Abdul says:

    I just can’t transfer files above 150kb to my pc with windows7.

    • Godwin says:

      Failure of Transfer (iphone to pc Windows7)

      Video fails 100%
      Songs fails transfer as soon as it hits 5 to 10%
      Pictures fails 70%
      Notes 0% (never Fails)

      Nothing could be received even a note!! :(

      • eric says:

        This is a Windows 7 Bluetooth bug, files larger than 300KB can not be sent.
        You can upgrade the Bluetooth driver to the latest from your vendor(not Microsoft)’s website.

  12. Flo says:

    When comes the musicimport funktion for ios 5 devices? or is there a chance to change the “airreceived” folder to the “my music” folder? i wanna use pwntunes to import…. can i managed this by modifiying the plist files via ifile?

  13. Flo says:

    when will the music import feature work for ios 5? Or is there a way to modify the received to be held in the mp3 “Airreceived” folder to the folder “/ media / My Music”? I would like to use pwntunes to import. Can I manage this with a modification of the plist files with ifile?

  14. oldanni says:

    I’ve purchased the product downloaded and activated it. Now trying to send or receive file but nothing happens. What could be the problem here?

  15. Jaxi says:

    Hi, I bought this program for my iPad 2 , I can send file , but I can not receive anything….!
    Even I paired two divce when I send a file with iPad, but still it can not receive file…!
    How can I fix it?

  16. japc says:

    not able to recieve from sony vaio please some one help

  17. Majed says:

    I have a problem activating the tool Message
    Iphone4s Message
    payment 4679475 is in the blacklist as too many davices activated

  18. Jesse Homan says:

    I have downloaded the iF0rce Airblue sharing and am pretty happy with it I only have one question, is there something that I have to change when trying to send from iphone 4 ios5 to another iphone ios5 because my iphone doesnt find another iphone.

  19. elban says:

    failed to write key file: thr operation couldn’t be completed (cocoa error 4)

    iphone 4s os 501 jailbreak ok
    please help me

  20. Danilo says:

    I buy aplication and send normaly to any phone,but I can’t recived any file.WHY?

  21. Andrea says:

    No payment State found in Cydia. I need help. Thank!!!

  22. ree says:

    work with Polaroid Pogo?..

  23. cakoi says:

    hey eric, u got to help me. i just bought airblue sharing, but it straight drag me to safe mode after respring. tried restore as a new phone, still the same. i can go into springboard only if i disable ‘blued-obex-springboard’ and ‘blued-springboard’ using mobile subtrate from sbsettings. pls help me, i pay for it :( thx….

  24. Lurky says:

    Bort this today for my iPhone 4 running ios5, works perfect sent pics and music to and from my girlfriends blackberry with no problems. Even syncs the songs straight into your iPod library, well worth the money.

  25. AP says:

    Work perfectly! Thanks developer!

  26. Shino says:

    Doesn’t work for me. Pretty much any device I try to connect to, I get the following;
    Remote device does not have “OBEX Object Push” service.
    Please make sure “OBEX Object Push” is enable on your device.
    These devices are able to send info to one another, but not to/from the iPhone.

  27. cilencio says:

    dear admin!

    I found out that the trouble is!!!
    When I disabled “import to application”,
    mp3 stay in AirReceived folder, but they don’t
    have any rights in their properties (see by Ifile)!!!
    So the don’t playing in mp3-player, until
    you switch their rights in the properties by yourself in Ifile!!!


  28. Persianpars says:

    How can I send multiple files??( like an album or multiple files in ifile)

    And how can I send files over wifi??

  29. Essam ali says:

    I used to send or receive files, the size of 400 MB or Aqther Albultot be way too slow and sometimes cut off communication for that I want to know how to use the transmitter by WIF through a common internal network but I did not know how you can help me

  30. Aemo says:

    Why no body is replying to my problem!!! More than 1 week i posted my case… But until now there is nothing.. No reply

  31. Timos says:

    I have always wifi enable.. so after the activation of airblue sharing, wifi stucks…so i have to restart…why happens that?

  32. Silvia says:

    Bought the aplication. I can send files to my mobile device ( android) but CANT get any file into my ipad

    What can i do to fix?

  33. Silvia says:

    Hi. Just installed airbluesharing and i have no problem sending files from my ipad2. To my android phone, but cant receive anything in my ipad, i tried with a couple of phones and nothing.

    What can i do to fix it?


  34. Aemo says:

    Dear Eric ,
    Please tell me ur email so I can send u my issue.

  35. ichan says:

    i cant send to my blackberry cause no “receive using bluetooth” on os 6

  36. Balthier says:

    Need help here :)
    I can send any file to other phones but I can’t receive anything…

    Im using iPad 2 ios 5.1.1

  37. Owen says:

    I have been using airblue sharing for a while and it works great but I can only import songs that I receive via Bluetooth. Nothing happens when I try to import songs (both mp3 and m4a) that are on the filesystem. Is this normal?

  38. Fboss says:

    I can send files from my ipod touch to my pc but when I try receiving files from other ipod touch or devices it gives me this error saying device not supported, Please make sure “OBEX Object Push” or “Bluetooth File Transfer” is enabled on your device. Does anyone have a solution?

  39. Sergio says:

    Hi , i can send but no revive (new iPad). Tania all.

    • eric says:

      Where did you buy it?

  40. Mamad says:

    HI, i’m double tap on status bar too activate the airblue and the message come and say that “airblue sharing daemon not found” how can i fix it?

    Im using iPhone 4s ios 5.1.1