AirBlue Sharing

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Bluetooth OBEX File transfer and AirDrop for iOS. Sharing made easy!

If you have any issue, check the FAQ

Send from iOS to Android

Send from Android to iOS


Send photos directly from Photos app

An incoming transfer

Now you can send the photos taken by your Phone 4[S] to your friends’ Nokia, Blackberry, Android and etc. The Bluetooth sending speed is up to 170KB/s. You can send a good photo in a few seconds.

Certainly, you can exchange files with your Windows, Linux, Mac as well.

Besides Bluetooth, it supports WiFi transfer between iOS devices, just like the AirDrop for your iOS.

- If your two iOS devices is in the same LAN, AirBlue Sharing will try to use WiFi connection to transfer files, speed up to several MB/s. You can send a video file in seconds.

- If you are on road, WITHOUT any WiFi connection,  AirBlue Sharing will automatically setup P2P WiFi connection between your iOS devices, make sending files that simple!


  • Transfer files between Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, MTK, Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS devices.
  • Bluetooth transfer speed up to 170KB/s
  • WiFi P2P support for iOS transfer
  • WiFi P2P works even without a WiFi hotspot
  • Send/receive multiple files to/from multiple devices, you do not have to wait it to complete
  • Integrated with system apps like Photos, Contacts, iPods, Videos, Notes, iBooks and etc.
  • Send files from the _free_ iFile
  • Send files from apps supports “Open in …”
  • Import received files into system applications such as Photos, Musics, Videos …











  1. Salvo says:

    I have a problem with iPad2 to the homescreen…

    With AirBlue Sharing 0.9.50 installed

    Without AirBlue Sharing

    • Satyavrat says:

      Please install iWipe Cache from Cydia and click that icon. After sometime it will refresh and clean all the blank or white icons or remove cache icons for your phone

  2. Ahmed says:

    Thanks for developer to brought this app. Few issues to be sort out on future updates, In wifi P2P sharing on ios device file transferring got stop when the phone went to sleep mode. Pls fix the bug to make persistent wifi connection & background support till jobs completion.

  3. Salvo says:

    The new version 0.9.60 works very well
    Thank you.

  4. ALI KING says:

    please set some options that make us able to turn the airblue off by ourselves.
    and fix this:
    when I send file to a divice , I can not do it again.I have to wait to airblue turn off and try again.

  5. Okky says:

    I just updated my airblue sharing to 0.9.60 and now everytime after i put code for pairing, the springboard crashes and enter safe mode. Before it was okay eventhough I can’t transfer any file to any devices….it keeps saying “OBEX file transfer not working”. I remember last month when i 1st buy it, it works smoothly. But now, it sucks man. Please do help, Thank You

  6. bbb says:

    it still refreshing continuously on iOS 5

  7. bumpingbell says:

    A problem.
    When a transfer (to non iOS phone. I don’t have multiple iOS devices) is complete, need to reboot to use wifi connection.
    Hope fix the glitch real soon!!!


    Works great on my iphone 4 with ios 5.0.1 . That’s if you dont mind wifi not working at all lol. Would be the best tweak around if that issue was fixed :-)

  9. Jimmy says:

    Hi, great idea! Just what I need. Does AirBlue Sharing send the EXIF info from a Samsung Mythic to an iPod Touch? Sending from my phone to my PC preserves this info, so hoping there’s a way to do this through my ipod as well.

  10. DAC says:

    I purchased Airblue sharing version 0.9.78 and found I could transfer files easily from iphone 4s except to Windows 7 (64-bit). I found a link on google that I hope will help those with the same issue. This is for Win 7 (64-bit) with Broadcom Bluetooth hardware in their computers:

    1) Download the file “SetupBtwDownloadSE” from the official Broadcom website.
    2) Install while connected to the internet.
    3) It will install the latest Bluetooth software ‘Widcomm Software’ for your bluetooth hardware .
    4) Now pair your iphone 4s with windows 7 by initiating a file transfer using Airblue Sharing.
    5) Wait till all your drivers for the device (iphone) are installed automatically by windows.
    6) You will be prompted to install .NET Framework 4 (if required) to configure the controls for the Bluetooth device.
    7) You can use the device manager to configure additional bluetooth protocols for the iphone 4s device now paired with your Windows 7 PC.


    • eric says:

      Sometimes Windows 7 just cuts up a receiving session unexpected ….
      Then I zip/rename the file then send again. Windows 7 Bluetooth sucks!

  11. Kenan says:

    I bought it. works perfectly.

  12. Naima Khan says:

    I also installed it.But the problem is I am transferring from android to iphone 4s and I cant seem to find the name of my iphone on my android and i cant find the name of my android on my iphone. Please help

  13. Alex says:

    It works perfectly. I would be completely happy if movies imports to cameraroll like photos. It is necessary to me for the subsequent editing in iMovie on iPad.

  14. akash says:

    First of all thanks for the developer for creating such an amazing software…but there is a iphone4 is running on ios5.1.1 n when i send file to non-iphone it is sent..,but while recieving filesfrom non-iphone i cant recive them(file sending fail error appears)…dont know whats the problem…:/ :’(

  15. Raj says:

    Can send files easily to a nokia 6303c but unable to receive. Err – “Please make sure “OBEX Object Push” or “Bluetooth File Transfer” is enabled on your device. ” . But from other devices, the phone works fine.

    Can’t send/receive file to/from windows 7 laptop. (Dell xps 15, intel centrino 1030 with integrated bluetooth). Same error, from other devices , laptop receives properly.

    Any solution? (iOS 5.1)

    • eric says:

      “Please make sure “OBEX Object Push” or “Bluetooth File Transfer” is enabled on your device. ”
      Where did you get this error? In which scenario?

  16. Carlos says:

    I have no option to select Air Blue Sharing in the Notification Center. iPad 2 iOS 5.1.1

  17. Carlos says:

    Hi Eric.
    I understand, but something strange happens, let me give you more details. When I installed the program the first time, it worked perfect. What is the problem now? I restored my iPad and I can send and receive files perfectly, but when I want to see the progress of transfers I get the message “Reveal Notification Center to check transfers”, this has not happened before! Any ideas? (I restored several times and also reinstall the program, looking for the solution).

  18. Enrico says:

    Dear Eric, i’ve the same problem of Carlos, not have mode to set the your wonderful app in notification center. You’ve solution for this issue?

  19. Carlos says:

    Hi Eric, it’s me again, Carlos.
    I want to tell a test that I just made. I searched in cydia and I installed another version of Airblue Sharing, the 0.9.60. With this version I have no problems and I can see transfers, but when i install the official version, currently the 0.9.99, (which I bought gladly), again the message “Reveal Notification Center to check transfers”. I hope this is useful.