Siri Server on your iPhone

Currently all working Siri ports are proxy based. They rely on Apple Siri servers and iPhone 4S authentication token. The token expires every 24 hours. It’s a pain to use the proxy method to get your Siri authentication token from an iPhone 4S every 24 hours.

I guess when the iPhone 4S jailbreak is out, there will an easy way to get authentication token from iPhone 4S. But remember, Apple will never make it easy for you. They can simply block your devices and the 4S if the token has been used in many devices.

So you will not get a perfect Siri unless Apple allows you to.

Why not create my Siri server?

  • Create a Siri server on the iPhone
  • Decode the speex frames and re-encode them to Chrome friendly format
  • Send to Google Chrome speech interface
  • Pass the recognized text to Lua scripts
  • The scripts analyzes the text and then send response iPhone

1 to 5 have been done. And now dictation works. I do not process the text in the lua, just ask iPhone to do a web search. Because I am new to lua, will take times for me to write all Siri functions such as time, stock, note, call, facetime, and etc.

Currently I have written basic support for web search, note, time and map.




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  1. Thiago says:

    Hey! I really want to help you in this because I want the same! So email me and we can see what are we able to do!

  2. AANDERS says:


    It’s a big ask, and im not that tech savy with lua, but I’m interested in getting this running on my 4 too? I’ve got spire installed and working (with exception to the obvious features, but the GUI works!)

    How can I got about this? If you tell me how to manipulate lua I’d be glad to help!

  3. kelvl says:

    I would like to help! Are you using native speex for chrome speech api? I was hoping to put together a dictionary of Siri commands and what they do as well.

  4. Mohamed says:

    Hey eric I follow you on twitter and was working on my own siri proxy server but have been getting no luck recently. I was hoping to create my server and use spire to have a functional siri when my server was up and running but I honestly feel that you have more of a chance of making a stable server that wont go down often then I ever will. I am gladly willing to help in any way possible to get the proxy server up and running. so if you consider me helping you can you please email me on thank yuo

  5. Michael says:

    This is pretty awesome, any chance you’l make some type of a release soon? I’m horrid at lua, but would like to see what I can do.

  6. SpyGlass says:

    I think this is workable. If Eric was able to do it with Siri0us, i am confident he can deliver the iPhone Siri server. Hope this gets pushed thru…

  7. Vot says:


  8. david says:

    awesome! if you need any help with ui design or any graphic related work, let me know. I’d love to jump into this.

  9. Rikza Azriyan says:

    You are awesome!!!
    i hope i can be like you someday.

  10. Linus Yang says:

    Hi Eric, have you tried the SiriServer on the github? Here is the original project: And I have made a Chinese localization for it. This is my project which has multi-language support including Chinese: It is based on Google Voice API and written in Python. So, I think it is possible to port to iOS. Hope it will be helpful to you. :)