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  • I need help on this app.
Make sure you have went through the FAQ. and checked the guide line, If you problem can not be solved. Mail the developer from within the iBluever app. Do not expect your comments will be replied soon.
  • Where can I find my settings for me?

If you do not know anything information about your carrier, please check http://apt.if0rce.com/carriers/

check please.

  • Where can I share my settings?

go .

  • What is Bluetooth?

‘Bluetooth’ is a proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short length radio waves) from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area networks (PANs) with high levels of security.

For more information, please check Wikipedia or http://www.bluetooth.org/.

  • How can I know if my phone has Bluetooth support?

1. Check the user guide. Most modem phones have bluetooth support.

2. Goto to your phone’s settings to find Bluetooth. It most likely stays in “Connectivity” menu.

  • What is DUN?

Dial-up networking, a Bluetooth computer communications profile. This profile provides a standard to access the Internet and other dial-up services over Bluetooth. The most common scenario is accessing the Internet from a laptop by dialing up on a mobile phone, wirelessly. It is based on Serial Port Profile (SPP), and provides for relatively easy conversion of existing products, through the many features that it has in common with the existing wired serial protocols for the same task. These include the AT command set specified inEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) 07.07, and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP).

Dial-up networking profile is supported by many mobile phones. your phone acts as a wireless modem which is connected to your laptop/PC via bluetooth.

  • How can I know if my phone support DUN?

First, you will have to make sure your phone support Bluetooth and Dial-up Networking. This can be found in the user guide coming with your phone. If you do not have a user guide. Try to find it on official websites of the vendor, Or Google.

If you confirmed that your phone supports Dial-up Networking. If will have to confirm your carrier/ISP support Dial-up Networking. You can call the support line of your carrier. and make sure you get all the settings required for Dial-up networking.

  • I have an Andriod phone,  does it support DUN?

Most andriod phone does not support DUN, but you can install PDANet to enable DUN in your phone.

  • Which settings/parameters are required to establish a Dial-up networking connection?

First, you need Access Point Name, aka “APN”(GPRS only). Which is a string indicate which network you are going to be connected in. For example, China mobile has two GPRS networks, there are one APN for each. “cmnet” is used for normal GPRS connections, your phone will get IP/GW/DNS settings from its server. Another APN “cmwap” is used for WAP connections, and proxy server is required for your phone to access internet.

Dial number. A number will be used to for the modem(phone) to dial in order to established the connection.

Here is a list of GRPS/3G settings http://modmyi.com/wiki/index.php/Carrier_APN_Settings

How can I confirm the DUN settings?

I would suggest you connect to the DUN service on your phone with your PC first.

For Windows users  http://www.pocketpccentral.net/help/wm_bluetooth_modem.htm

For MAC OS X users http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2399

For Linux users http://davesource.com/Solutions/20070520.T-Mobile-Nokia-E65-Ubuntu-Linux.html

  • Is iBluever compatible with my device?

iBluever boots up the Bluetooth controller using the same way with the built-in BTServer. So it is compatible with all iDevices which have a bluetooth chip. iPod Touch 2G, 3G and iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, iPad have been tested. iPad and or iPhone have not tested yet. I will test it with iPad after the jailbreak software for iPad released.

  • Do I have to jailbreak my device?


  • Is iBluever compatible with RoqyBT/RoqyGPS and BTStack?

You may have to do these:

1) Stop the RoqyBT/RoqyGPS/BTStack daemon if it is running.

2) Remove the pairing record on your phone

  • How can I turn on PPP debug on Windows?

first, open a cmdStart Menu->run->cmd[Enter]

and run type in these:

set tracing PPP enabled

Now a new file C:\WINDOWS\tracing\PPP.LOG will be created. It contains all PPP LCP/IPCP information about the connection.

To disable it, type in these:

set tracing PPP disabled
  • Is there any suggestion for Blackberry users?

Turn on “Authentication” in the Settings screen before connect. Some of your guys may need PDANet, when using it, do not forget to turn off the built-in “Dial up networking”

  • Why it is not based on BTstack?

BTstack is very good, and you can use BTstack keyboard/gps/mouse at the same time. But it is not good enough to support high speed data connections. It does not handle write() failures, l2cap/rfcomm re-transmission/caching, rfcomm flow control. Anyway it works great with low bandwidth applications such as keyboard/mouse/gps.

  • How to use the SBSettings Toggle?

When you had successfully connected to your phone. You will see the “Make  it as default” option. tap it, you will be able to use SBSettings to control iBluever.

  • Can I use Activator to turn iBluever on/off?

Yes, you can assign activator method to iBluever SBSettings toggle.

  • I have Celeste installed, after using Celeste, I can not use iBluever anymore!

Celeste use different link key database, so you will have to remove the bluetooth pairing records on both devices.

To be continued …


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  1. When i visit a blog, chances are that I see that the construction is poor and the writting bad.On the other hand,I have to say that you have done a good job here.

  2. Alex says:

    I have sent u several emails about a problem with my license. This is my last try before filing paypal complaint

  3. SnoUweR says:

    Hi. In the new version iBluever there was a new text. You couldn’t send me new files for translate?

  4. Syntha BSN says:

    Thank you for sharing superb informations. Your website is so cool. I’m impressed by the details that you’ve on this blog. It reveals how nicely you understand this subject. Bookmarked this website page, will come back for extra articles. You, my friend, ROCK! I found just the information I already searched everywhere and simply couldn’t come across. What a perfect web-site.

  5. Khmi says:

    After update push still does not work. It works when using ibluever and having a wifi signal but without the signal it does not push at all.

    • Khmi says:

      3G touch with 4.1

  6. Azamat says:

    It’s work on iOS 4.2.1?

  7. nightdance says:

    since i installed celeste bluetooth transfer i always get an error: “L2Cap cannection failed!” HELP, pls! :D

  8. nightdance says:

    ok i have solved the problem with installing the demo and then reinstall the full version XD

  9. Dave says:

    I have an iPod touch 4g v 4.2.1 and ibluever 1.5.1, I am struggling to get the push notifications to work! I have tried all the chat scripts and nothing seems to work Facebook, email etc any ideas? I have a Sony ericsson j10i2 (elm) any help greatly appreciated

  10. Stan says:

    So i don’t understand at all
    My navigation soft require 2 BT connections:
    1-for connecting to gps external (using roqyBT)
    2-for getting traffic information via internet connection (using Ibluever)
    which way could I use both at the same time?

  11. Edgar says:


    I’m trying to tether my iPad with iOS 4.3.1 and my blackberry 9300 (curve 3G) and I did all the configuration in the iPad and in the blackberry but when I tether the blackberry with the iPad the icon of the connection appears on iPad but I’m not receiving any signal from the 3G of my BB. When I have around five minute trying to receive any signal of 3G the iPad reboot too. The PDA net of the BB is the 2.30 version and the ibluever version is the 1.5.1. I need some help with this issue, please????

  12. Sebastian says:

    Does anyone know if this work whit an android phone?

    • eric says:

      You can install pdanet on your android phone

  13. Mark says:

    I have installed iBluever 1.5.7 on my ipod touch with 4.2.1. the paid version constantly shows “retrieving daemon state…”. I have removed the key file and that didnt work. Then i restored the ipod and it still doesnt work.

  14. JA says:

    Is there any way to connect to a non-discoverable blackberry? I can pair to the built-in bt stack by making my ipod touch discoverable.

  15. Jerome P says:

    Hi, I recently bought ibluever from cydia, I have been having a problem with reinstalling it to my new iPad the error message I keep getting is:

    Error: payment 2532427 is in the blacklist, contact your seller if you did not buy it from cydia….. But I did :\

    Can u please reset this and take it out of the black
    list group as I don’t believe I have violated any rules.

    The details associated with the account is:

    & 2532427

    Jerome P

    • eric says:


    • claudio marra says:

      how do you fixed , please i ha
      ve the same problem.

  16. Dk says:

    I paid for the app pretty long time ago then I tried to install it again today but it kept showing me unreachable something. How can I download it?

    • eric says:

      This is your network issue

  17. Lesley says:

    I cannot update to the new version! Message I need to pay for the app, but I already bought this app! What’s up? Help me out please!

  18. Martie says:

    I bought iBluever last fall and just upgraded to iOS 4.3.2, jailbroke it (iPod 4G) and now it won’t load iBluever. Do I need to load the demo first? If so, then what?

  19. Marco says:

    I have installed iBluever 1.5.7 on my ipod touch with 4.2.1. the paid version constantly shows “retrieving daemon state…”. I have removed the key file and that didnt work.


  20. Marco says:

    I have installed iBluever 1.5.7 on my ipod touch with 4.2.1. the paid version constantly shows “retrieving daemon state…”. I have removed the key file and that didnt work.

    • Mt says:

      I have the same thing in iphone 3g 16gb on 4.2.1. Demo is still working.when i install 1.5.8 full i get allways the waiting for daemon issue.

      Would be fair when we get support.

      • eric says:

        upgrade please

  21. wei says:


    Bought this iBluever from Cydia, worked great on my 3gs 3.1.2, but since my iphone crashed and I restored back to 3.1.2 this weekend, I cannot get this iBluever 1.5.8 working again. stuck at “retrieving daemon state..”. tried your method of removing the iBluever key files (remove /var/mobile/Library/iBluever/key/iBluever.key) and it doesn’t work for me. The interesting thing is that I tried the demo iBluerver and it still works, only when I install the bought version of iBluever that stuck at that message. No, I never tried the cracked version. Please help!

    One thing not sure if it related to thsi problem, I did try several time the past two days when Cydia was down due to the Amazon issue, and of cause I failed to install this iBluever App.

  22. Andy says:

    Where is that onDemand switch? I cannot find it but I see it in your screenshots

  23. Michael says:

    I downloaded iBluever demo and everything works great, but Verizon seems to block tethering. Is there any way around this?

    • eric says:

      Disable the built-in tethering, and install PDANet.

  24. Jason says:

    Hi, when I try activating it, it says failed to write key file. And also when I am installing the app there is a dependancy error and a subprocess error…please help!

    • eric says:

      What was the error?

  25. Adrian says:

    Why inst ibluever on the bigboss repo?
    i can only find the ibluever demo!?

  26. Nate says:

    So ibluever full version worked flawlessly yesterday and then all of a sudden with no setting changes it is stuck on “searching for dial up networking service” and doesn’t go any further. What do you think the issue could be? It definitely still connects to bluetooth.

    I’m using a blackberry 9700 with pdanet and an iPad 2

    • eric says:

      1. Did you tried any bluetooth app on your iPad?
      2. Try a reboot of your bb, make sure built-in dun if off and pdanet is on

  27. Jerome P says:

    Any luck Eric?

    • eric says:

      Done, do not activate it on other devices.

      • Jerome P says:

        A BIG thank u Eric!!!

        Great Software and support, $5 well spent!!!!

  28. 吴爱华 says:

    然后,我想用您的软件,把诺基亚的网络共享给ipod touch。

  29. 吴爱华 says:


  30. Neighbor says:

    I really need someones help on this. I just got iBluever, best cydia app I’ve ever used! But im scared that it will charge my phone bill. I use an LG Banter and my carrier is US Cellular. I don’t have a tethering plan or anything like that, so how it still works is a mystery. I don’t think i have an internet data plan. Can someone please let me know if i will get charged? I don’t use a smartphone either.

  31. neil says:

    I have just downloaded the demo and have “retreiving daemon state …” and it just hangs and never connects / finds anything. I read the above and downloaded ifile to clear out the directory you noted, but there was nothing there. Im on a 3G iTouch with 4.3.5 IOS. Could you help? Know lots of people who would LOVE this if I can get it working as we have have work blackberrys and itouchs. Thanks

  32. Jimmy says:

    I need help! I bought the ibluever software to connect to my HTC touch 2 (windows mobile 6.5). I can connect to my phone from my ipod touch 3G but I cannot get internet connection! The phone alone works fine but I have tried every possible settings for the dial up networking but they all fail. Please help!

    I’m with starhub in Singapore

  33. Mic says:

    Hi Eric,
    I have several Apple devices under the same Cydia account. I,m trying to purchase iBluever on Taobao. Will one purchase be valid for all the devices or I have to make separate purchases individually?

  34. Amar says:


    After restoring my ipod 4g 5g to 4.3.2 and re-installing iBluever, I cant seem to make it work with my blackberry. They used to work fine together earlier ( India, Airtel, BB 9700, ipod touch 4g).

    I tried upgrading to ios 5. same result. it says PPP negotiating link and then disconnects.

    How do I send you the log?

  35. Amar says:


    After restoring my ipod 4g to 4.3.2 and re-installing iBluever, I cant seem to make it work with my blackberry. They used to work fine together earlier ( India, Airtel, BB 9700, ipod touch 4g).

    I tried upgrading to ios 5. same result. it says PPP negotiating link and then disconnects.

    How do I send you the log?

  36. silly_penguins says:

    Yesterday I download iBluever from cydia the version is 1.7, the problem is iBluever keep saying “failed to connect to daemon” what is that mean ? Btw I running ios 5.0.1 on 3rd IPod

  37. silly_penguins says:

    Hi, I wonder if there is solution to “failed to connect to daemon” on iBluever. I have try to reinstall it but still iBluever failed to connect to daemon

  38. silly_penguins says:

    Please fix the “failed to connect to daemon” problem, coz I really want to buy this app

  39. wjk says:

    I upgraded my ibluever account, which is a paid version. Before the upgrade, on T-Mobile USA with blackberry 9700, everything worked.

    After the upgrade, it works once in a while, uses up battery, and I would really like to go back to where I was before the upgrade.

    How can I downgrade? Please help.

  40. rak says:

    Weird, when I visit this page in a desktop browser (Chrome/FF/IE) none of Eric’s replies to comments show up…

  41. Sancho_Panzon says:

    +1, silly_penguin
    I keep getting the “failed to connect to daemon” message, too. I’ve got an iPod Touch 4g and am running iOS 5.0.1.

  42. lusiphurscyla says:

    The google docs site isn’t working anymore!

  43. Aragorn says:

    Hello, I keep getting the “failed to connect to daemon” message. I have an Ipod Touch 4G with iOS 5.0.1. I want to connect this to my Blackberry Curve 9300 and I can’t!!! Can somebody help me?? how can I do this??

  44. Jack says:

    “failed to connect to daemon” me too.

    iPhone 3Gs

    • eric says:

      Check if you jailbreak with the latest redsn0w. If so, reinstall and reboot.

  45. Erb says:

    ignore that last comment

  46. t-master says:

    Same here “Failed to connect to daemon”
    Is this going to get fixed in the near future?

  47. Joseph says:

    Can I modify the speed conexion? Right now My speed doesn’t up more that 115kbps.
    When i connect my bb to the computer I reach more that 512kbps.